Cloud-Native Data Discovery and Protection

Automatically find, classify, and protect the data that matters most to you – agentless, on-demand, and at-scale.  Reduce risk, protect your data, and jumpstart DSPM today.

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Discover, Manage, and Protect Your Cloud Data

  • Scan Cloud Data

    Discover and protect your cloud data wherever it lives: including AWS (including S3), GCP, Azure, Data Lakes, Github, Snowflake, Slack, Salesforce, and more – across structured & unstructured data.

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  • Reduce Risk

    Identify and prioritize at-risk data based on the data itself, uncover dark data, reduce your attack surface, and automatically alert on high-risk and vulnerable data

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  • Manage Compliance & Automate Enforcement

    Automatically map, track, and manage regulated data with out of the box policies and native tooling for data privacy regulations, security frameworks, and more

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  • Jumpstart DSPM

    Improve your data security posture automatically with the leading solution for DSPM for cloud data.

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  • Shine a light on Dark Data

    Find the data that matters most to you – and easily shine a light on dark data across the cloud.

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  • Discover Secrets

    Find secrets across dev environments, code repos, and everywhere in between with out of the box policies.

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