Cloud-Native Data Discovery and Protection

Automatically find, classify, and catalog the data that matters most to you – agentless, on-demand and at scale

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Find, classify, and catalog sensitive and at-risk data

Discover and classify sensitive, personal, and regulated data – get up and running with a cloud-native solution in minutes.

  • Find and inventory PII, PI, and all sensitive and critical data
  • Automatically discover dark & shadow data
  • Rapidly identify data by regulation, type, and sensitivity
  • Reduce risk and manage policies
  • One click deployment with agentless connectors

Cloud Coverage Where You Need it Most

Unmatched Data Coverage - No Agents Needed

  • Structured, unstructured and semi structured
  • Full breadth of AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Hundreds of SaaS apps
  • Doc stores including Box, Office 365, GDrive, Sharepoint
  • Messaging platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Teams, Slack
  • Dev tools like Jira, Confluence, GitLab, Slack
  • New stack including Snowflake, Databricks, Kafka, Redis, Atlas and more

Achieve Compliance in the Cloud

Automatically identify the data that’s important to you: find sensitive and at-risk data in the cloud, classify by regulation, type, and sensitivity, and achieve compliance.

Manage policies by regulation, type, sensitivity, and business case – and gain visibility and control over regulated data.

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