Discover and protect any data in the cloud and SaaS

Know exactly what and where all of your sensitive data is hiding across the cloud and hundreds of SaaS apps

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Centralize and manage all of your data in one place

Connect your data easily to SmallID with unmatched coverage whether it’s from cloud services like AWS, Azure, GCP, or from SaaS apps like Salesforce, Slack, and GitHub. 

Discover and classify all of your data across different sources from structured databases to unstructured files. Quickly pinpoint what and where your sensitive data is from passwords to credit card numbers, all in one platform.

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Save time and money using advanced machine learning

Make cloud data discovery fast and painless with patented ML-driven scans and classification. Get accurate results 95% faster with fewer false positives or false negatives using SmallID’s unique Hyperscan™. 

Leverage the power of NLP and RegEx to classify sensitive and regulated data with accurate context, at scale.

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Stay ten steps ahead of data regulations and breaches

Discover and protect your sensitive and regulated data with automated policy management. Choose your location and industry to match the relevant regulations. Automatically classify regulated data like PCI and HIPAA.

Enforce these policies across all of your data and assign users to investigate policy violation findings. Solve potential issues with compliance and data leaks before they happen.

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