Know Your Data: How to Find Your Crown Jewels in the Cloud

Data Classification Data Discovery

Data drives the digital enterprise. It represents the critical asset that enables value-creating business activities, such as AI, BI, data commercialization, and customer personalization. However, it also represents a sizable regulatory and security risk from mishaps and attacks inside and outside the business.

It has been said that data is the new oil because it fuels modern commerce and communication. However, oil and data have some critical differences. Two barrels of oil are largely indistinguishable — they are fungible. That is not the case with data. Your data is different from my data. Patent data is different from marketing data. Health data is not the same as location data. Different classes of data have different amounts of value and the greater the value, the higher the risk.

High value, high risk data is often described as a Crown Jewel. This could be financial data, customer data, employee data, health data, intellectual property data, or even credentials and keys for accessing business critical applications. Sometimes your Crown Jewel is a data attribute such as PII, PI, PHI, NPI, FI, IP, or PCI. At other times, it is a data record or document. In some instances, it is a combination of attributes and records. There are different factors that can contribute to its sensitivity level such as secrecy, criticality, or regulatory impact. Risk level can also be assessed based on sensitivity, location, access, residency of the data subject to whom it belongs, and more.

BigID, the parent company of SmallID, has been in the business of discovering and actioning on Crown Jewels for data protection, privacy and governance for almost six years. Along the way, the company has raised almost $300M and won numerous security recognitions from RSA Innovation Sandbox, Gartner, Sinet, InformationSecurity, and Cloud 100. We’ve also developed strategic relationships with ServiceNow, Splunk, MongoDB, SAP, Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft, Snowflake, and Databricks.

BigID has developed and patented several machine learning (ML) driven methods for identifying and profiling sensitive data – and we’ve now adapted that for those who want to start small before they go big.

Using Classification and Cataloging, SmallID has a first-of-its-kind ability to find and contextualize sensitive data accurately and at cloud scale. SmallID gives organizations of all sizes unmatched coverage across structured, unstructured, semistructured, SaaS, lower dev environments, and even data pipelines.

With SmallID, organizations can rapidly identify Crown Jewels in personal data, sensitive data, and metadata, helping with regulatory compliance and security risk mitigation. Using BigID’s unique ML to profile data, SmallID is able to deliver a complete and comprehensive “Know Your Data” strategy across a modern cloud data landscape.

Try SmallID for free today and start discovering and protecting your Crown Jewels.