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SmallID Product Overview

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Automated Data Discovery

Find out how you can discover and protect your sensitive and regulated data in just 3 steps with SmallID.

SmallID – Automated Data Discovery

Advanced Data Classification

Automatically identify, classify, and protect personal information with out-of-the-box and custom classifiers based on regulations.

SmallID – Advanced Data Classification

Sensitivity Classification

Get an overview of risk level distribution across your entire data catalog, so you can prioritize protection in data sources with high levels of sensitive data.

SmallID – SmallID Sensitivity Classification

Registry & Metadata Catalog

Capture and manage metadata across the cloud, all in one place. Organize and enrich your metadata through additional tags and classifiers.

SmallID – Registry & Metadata Catalog

Policy Management

Automatically monitor your data sources for non-compliance with regulated policies. Manage and protect your data through policy findings.

SmallID – Policy Management

SmallID Dashboard

Get a high level overview of your data catalog and easily see where you stand in data protection.

SmallID Dashboard