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SmallID is the first data discovery and protection solution with unmatched coverage across the multi-cloud, SaaS apps, messaging platforms, and dev tools.

See why SmallID’s cloud-native, ML-driven capabilities are the right fit for you.

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Cloud Native Data Protection

Modern Data Landscape Coverage
Data Pipelines
Dev Tools
Structured Data
Unstructured Data
Classification Where You Need IT
OOB Classifiers
Custom Classifiers
Regular Expressions
Fuzzy Classification
Advanced Sensitivity Classification
Catalog & Registry
Unified Data Catalog
Automatic Profiling
Identify Duplicate Data
Identify ROT data
Policies & Reporting
OOB Policies
Custom Policies
Audit trail
Activity highlights report
Action center
Jira integration
Advanced Scanning
Data source scan
Metadata scan
Lineage scan
Data in motion scan